Salesforce Optimization

Do your Salesforce organization setup and processes need a detailed audit? Whatever the cause of your concerns, LeverUP experts will identify opportunities for improved efficiency and security as well as potential ways to cut costs.

Even the best approaches can become obsolete and in need of an update. Regular maintenance will optimize Salesforce performance and ensure your setup remains in line with business processes. We offer a free kick-off workshop followed by a detailed report with our findings and recommendations.

salesforce optimization

Benefits of Salesforce Health Check


Identify outdated configuration

LeverUP consultants will help you identify and fix current pain points of your Salesforce setup to improve the efficiency and resource consumption.


Optimize Salesforce functionality

Salesforce platform evolves enormously fast. We will make sure you are aligned with newest improvements and features, and your org is reaching it’s full potential. 


Save on Expenses

We will  ensure you are maximising the ROI of your Salesforce budget, and will help you build the optimisation plan


Prepare for growth

During Salesforce optimization projects, we take into account business strategy and growth plans to make sure your Salesforce org can tackle new challenges


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Free Kick-Off Workshop

Kick-off introductory meeting
Technical analysis followed by the list of issues identified


Detailed follow up workshop with key stakeholders
Improvements solution design and next steps plan

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