Salesforce Implementation

LeverUP applies technical knowledge and industry-specific experience to design and implement Salesforce solutions properly aligned with your unique business needs. From solutions design phase to post implementation support, our team of architects, consultants and developers will guide you through every step of the process. 

salesforce implementation

How we can help with Salesforce implementation?


Scalable solutions

Our holistic approach to Salesforce design and implementation blends complexity and simplicity to create scalable, agile Salesforce systems.


Planning is a key to success

At LeverUP, we know the importance of planning. Our experienced architects will work closely with your team to make sure we properly map Salesforce to your business processes.


QA and testing

We attribute half of the success of our Salesforce implementation and design services to proper planning, and the other half to comprehensive QA and testing strategy.


Building the knowledge base

We document every step of the process, and will help you to get up and running with your company’s  Salesforce knowledge base to ensure integrity the proper onboarding for new colleagues.


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Salesforce Implementation Process

Intro Workshop & Requirements Gathering

We understand that each of our clients has unique processes and requirements. During this initial phase, our Salesforce architects will run collaborative sessions and intro workshops to discuss, prioritize, and document project requirements, so we can apply industry-specific strategies and best practices for successful Salesforce implementation.

Solution Design Preparation & Approval

Salesforce design and implementation without proper planning can lead to costly and time consuming rework. In this phase, our Salesforce architects will help design and prepare for your Salesforce implementation, to clarify objectives and align metrics with clear outcomes. We’ll create a complete roadmap that sets you up for long-term success.

Implementation & Configuration

Our consultants and developers will lead your Salesforce project to success continuously  reaching the milestones established in the planning phase.

QA Testing & Sign off

LeverUP will develop QA and testing strategy, and apply best practise  to verify and validate that Salesforce implementation meets initial requirements. Dedicated QA team will test the integrity of the system, to catch and fix problems early on. 

Data Migration

Successful data migration to Salesforce from other platforms is a challenging, complex task that requires thorough planning, and execution. We’ll help you migrate data to your Salesforce instance from without any major disruptions to your business operations.


Before the launch, we’ll check on the readiness of users, review data setup and processes, to avoid “firefighting” during this critical phase. After the sign-off is completed, we’ll go live with the new solution in the production environment.

Post Implementation Support

Our Salesforce services include post implementation support to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. LeverUP provides post implementation consulting services after going live to support the organization, users, and the solution. Post-implementation services also cover managed services. We lead user training and adoption, and help maximize the value of your Salesforce investment, even after the initial implementation process.

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