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Salesforce implementation and managed services: Our professional services and expert advisory help you get the most out of the Salesforce platform and reach your goals faster.


We combine our technological and digital skills for an end-to-end project, we take care of every aspect, from consulting to delivery, every moment is important for your business.

Salesforce services designed to help you to achieve your business objectives and make continuous steps forward your transformation process.


At LeverUP, a Salesforce Partner company, we understand the challenges involved in designing a new Salesforce implementation that perfectly meets your business needs. Our expertise and experience enables us to plan, implement and roll out Salesforce solutions that are perfectly aligned with your business processes.

We passionately believe that there is a time for complexity and are equally aware that simplicity has its moment. We look forward to joining you on your Salesforce route to success.

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salesforce managed services

When you have invested in Salesforce for your business, you will want to ensure that this investment is justified, and that your Salesforce solution is reaching its full potential. Taking advantage of outsourced Salesforce managed services connects you with certified and experienced administrators, developers and architects who will ensure your daily operations are running smoothly, and let you focus on your business.

LeverUP’s Salesforce experts can provide you either long or short-term support, as well as training services to help your team get up and running on the platf

There can be many reasons why it is time for a detailed audit of your Salesforce org’s setup and processes. Whatever the cause of your concerns, LeverUP experts will help you ascertain what current measures you have, and will identify what is not performing as efficiently as it can.

Even the best approaches can become obsolete and in need of an update. Regular maintenance will ensure your Salesforce org is in line with your business processes, and optimise its performance.
We offer you a free kick-off workshop followed by a detailed report with our findings and recommendations.

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