LeverUP Consulting and EFZG: Creating New Generations of Marketing Automation Experts

Author: Anamaria Habunek
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LeverUP Consulting and EFZG College teamed up this April so students can learn about practical applications of CRM solutions and marketing automation and prepare to kick-start their careers.

Experts from LeverUP Consulting are bringing their expertise to students at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb (EFZG) with workshops on CRM and marketing automation. These practical workshops on the application of CRM and marketing automation solutions will be conducted by LeverUP CEO Daria Nemchonok, COO Stjepan Martinić, and other experts from LeverUP. 

As technology continues to evolve, it’s hard for most outsiders to understand how it all works. Automation of business processes and marketing automation is highly dynamic and absolutely crucial for companies at this point. Our team has lots of experience working with digital systems that keep businesses ahead of the curve. The next generation of students seems to be very interested in learning about CRM, and marketing automation software. This knowledge is being passed down from our knowledgeable and experienced team members.

Transferring valuable experience

“In my twelve years of experience with Salesforce CRM, I’ve realized that one needs something new from time to time. Without that, progress stops and stagnates. And we need to continue gaining momentum – after all, it’s our duty to open up potentials that this wondrous system provides and acquaint young generations with them,” Martinić pointed out ahead of the start of cooperation with EFZG. 

We’ll be having workshops on the practical application of CRM solutions and the application of marketing automation. These will be conducted within the EFZG Department of Informatics, in order to create top experts who will use information technology to improve the competitiveness of Croatian companies. Also, students will be attending workshops within the Department of Marketing, an extremely important and dynamic area of economics.

Workforce shortage in the Croatian IT industry

“It is no secret that there is currently a large shortage of workforce in the Croatian IT industry. We are extremely happy that the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb has chosen us as a partner in the development of new, top experts in the world’s largest CRM system, i.e. Salesforce solutions”, said LeverUP Consulting’s director and lecturer Daria Nemchonok. 

Cooperation between the Zagreb company LeverUP Consulting and the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb, was launched with the purpose of preparing students for the practical application of IT technologies in marketing, with the opening of opportunities for finding the desired job post more quickly after studying. With this additional engagement, LeverUP Consulting once again proves its expertise and professionalism in the field of CRM and marketing automation and successful cooperation with Salesforce, the world’s number one CRM platform. 

Connecting students and employers

“We provide students with knowledge and skills, as well as a handful of practical experiences, at the graduate study of Digital Marketing at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. Professional projects and internships are an indispensable part of the programme that connects students with future employers during their studies. The partnership with LeverUP provides our students with insight into the Salesforce CRM platform and the possibility of further training and certification, in order to be even more competitive in the global labour market in the field of digital marketing”, said Prof. dr. sc. Vatroslav Škare from the Department of Marketing, Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. 

Fifty students who took part in the session expressed their excitement and interest in future training workshops.  

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