Why do you need an implementation partner?

Author: Heidi Ojamaa

Do you know or want to fix a car yourself? Or make ice cream? It is wiser to turn to experts rather than wasting time pointlessly and sweating for a half-baked result. The same applies to software solutions.

Work with a partner

Software companies focus on technology and make sure the technology works exactly as it should. Partners’ job is to focus on business and people.

As a rule, application partners are “smaller” than the software vendors they work with. This means that they have fewer customers than the software vendor itself, so they can offer better customer service and full commitment to each customer’s project.

For example, Salesforce, a popular cloud-based customer management (CRM) platform, does not handle the implementation itself unless it is a particularly large customer.

7 reasons why an application partner is necessary

  1. We have expertise

Knowledge is required to use any technology, even if it’s just an Excel spreadsheet. Unfortunately or fortunately, CRM is not as easy to master as Excel. Implementing a new platform or software requires a whole range of skills that you don’t need in your house on a daily basis. Therefore, the implementation partner is an important intermediary who makes these skills easily available.

A trusted implementation partner is just as important as a trusted doctor or lawyer. You won’t need them on a daily basis (at least we hope), but it would be nice to have them in case of emergency.

  1. We give advice

If you are going to climb the mountains for the first time in your life, you still want to have an instructor with you who will check that everything goes smoothly and help if necessary. The same goes for CRM implementation – implementation partners have done this work before, have extensive knowledge, skills and experience. In our blog interview with Nika Belamarić, business analyst at LeverUP, you can read what happens when the right partner is not there to help.

Thanks to experience and knowledge, the implementation partner can advise on scalable structure and processes during the work. An experienced consultant can avoid mistakes that have been made in other organizations and implement CRM in such a way that you can get the most out of the technology in the future.

  1. We train users

A good support and maintenance partner can provide training to users of the software so that they are more educated and able to use it more effectively. They can also assist users and further configure the platform according to business needs.

With training and documentation, you’ll be able to manage your Salesforce platform even after your partner commitment ends.

  1. We take you along in the process

No one knows your business better than you. In cooperation with a partner, your team is involved in a gradual development process that is carried out in stages. The partner supports the company and performs business analysis so that the result meets the business goals. We have previously written on the blog about what to think about before adopting a new technology.

  1. We make Salesforce speak your language

Salesforce Support Partners help with platform administration, such as data cleansing and structuring, so that the solution better meets your needs, generates more accurate reports, and enables you to build more meaningful relationships with your customers.

  1. We also help after the initial planning

If you are new to Salesforce software, getting it right for your business can be difficult. The right support partner will work to make this process as smooth as possible and will be available post-implementation to resolve any issues that may arise. This gives you peace of mind that the first step in using the platform was done correctly.

A Salesforce software support and maintenance partner can help you resolve almost any issue related to the platform.

  1. We provide customized support

To get the most out of your Salesforce software, you should have the best support available. When you have a trusted Salesforce support and maintenance partner, you can rest assured that they can provide you with support specific to your business. This is especially important in a situation where business requirements change and the company needs help transferring these changes to the Salesforce platform.

Although in theory you can do it all yourself (just like making ice cream and fixing your car), that doesn’t mean you have to. By working with LeverUP Consulting, you get a world-class team of experts who always put the customer first.


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