What is the best marketing analytics tool? 

Author: Jana Gaži

One way to visualize the data is to keep it all nicely in Excel, export pies and tables that suit you, design them in Photoshop, and paste them into reports. It’s cumbersome and time-consuming, but there is also a more straightforward solution – Salesforce’s Datorama.


Datorama is an affordable massive data management and visualization platform designed for the analytical marketer who needs a tool to process and manage performance marketing data. As part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud suite, it’s popular with agencies and flexible enough to support advertisers in any industry. But what can be done about it?


According to LeverUP Marketing Cloud expert Lucija Sopic, Datorama, now called Marketing Cloud Intelligence, is an analytical tool used to process, integrate and visualize data for all marketing activities. It is easy to use yet powerful and convenient enough for experienced business analysts for whom interfacing with BI tools such as Tableau and Data Scientists is essential. It’s built for the end user, and anyone can use it.


What is Datorama?

Datorama is a surprisingly flexible platform. It can be conveniently used in isolation from other systems or with other data management platforms. It also supports data storage, modelling, combining data from multiple sources, and visualization. Datorama can model various data, but its main focus is performance marketing.

Datorama helps marketing in eight specific ways:

  • You can compile all marketing data to Datorama and compliment it with CDP;
  • Connect and harmonize data (structured and unstructured) from third-party data platforms with one click, such as social media, Google Analytics or anywhere;
  • Merge online, offline, transaction, sales, PDFs, SQL databases, and text files.;
  • Datorama is connected to Salesforce AI Einstein, which analyzes and makes suggestions, and conclusions that you can use to take the following steps in marketing. For example, which search terms work best on different social media channels or when is the best time to send an email;
  • Analyze, draw conclusions, and use that knowledge to take the following steps with publishing tools;
  • Make all data channels speak the same language, and it doesn’t matter if they are clicks or reactions. Datorama recognises them and merges them;
  • Generate reports in any format showing clicks, sales results, budget, or whatever you’ve chosen to track directly from the system. Automated and without any additional clicks.
  • It is actionable. You can set rules “if this and this, then stop this campaign”. 

Six strongest competitors

Datorama’s main competitors are Domo, Adverity, NinjaCat, Improvado, Looker and Google Data Studio. Apart from third-party competitors, it is our experience that the most prominent competitors often use excel and other domestic data analytics tools. At the same time, MCI enables you to support the use of data for marketing activities, such as engagement, integration, visualization, reporting and automated notifications, in ways that other competitors either do not or cannot.

What is the difference between Tableau and Datorama?

Salesforce also has another data analytics tool in its portfolio – Tableau. At its core, Marketing Cloud Intelligence is a flexible SaaS data management platform, and Tableau is the best data visualization and analysis tool on the market. Yes, there are nuances and overlaps between the platforms. Datorama is aimed at marketers, and Tableau works for wider business KPIs, and this way, they complement each other.
Which platform is right for you? Why choose? Use them both.


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