Tableau or Datorama – which is the magic wand for the marketer?

Author: Heidi Ojamaa

Which marketer would not love a good analytics tool? Data pours in from all the doors and windows these days. Still, the question is how to transform that information into knowledge, which is capable of supporting decision-making, that constitutes true power. Is there a magic wand, and if there is, how do you find it? 

Märt Jõesaar, the business manager of Leverup, comes to the rescue. He is exposed to marketing, customer communication and sales solutions daily.  

What difference does the tool make?

Jõesaar confirms that a good business analysis, or bi-tool, plays a fundamental role in the company’s well-being. “There are two main bi-tools available from Salesforce: Datorama (now called Marketing Cloud Intelligence) and Tableau. They are very different, but can be successfully connected, ”says Jõesaar. Could each of them be a magic wand for all marketers’ concerns?

“Both Tableau and Datorama are indeed both powerful data visualization tools that allow companies to analyze and interpret their data easily,” says Jõesaar, without confirmation or refuting our ongoing magic wand searches. However, there is no doubt that both tools are on the level; otherwise, they would not be found in the Salesforce portfolio. However, the tools are different. With the help of Jõesaar, we make it clear what.


Tableau is primarily a data visualization and reporting tool, while Datorama is a marketing analytics platform. “So it’s not surprising that their functions are somewhat different, ”explains the business development manager.

Of the two options, Datorama has a wider selection of features, including data integration, data cleaning and attribution modeling. “This does not mean that Tableau is necessarily below, just the focus is narrower and the goal is somewhat different – it focuses on creating interactive dashboards and reports,” notes Jõesaar.

Ease of use

If you compare two tools from the view, which is easier to use, the point should be given to Tableau. “It is more intuitive for this interface and it is easier for beginners to get a tool. Datorama is a more complex platform and therefore requires more technical knowledge from the user, ”Jõesaar compares.

Data Sources

There can never be too much data for marketers. According to Jõesaar, the question is where this data is obtained. Tableau can connect to many data sources, including databases, computing tables and cloud services. Datorama is not so wide, but it is more comprehensive, focusing mainly on marketing data for advertising and social media platforms.


In any business, we cannot overcome or go around the price. When compared purely on a price level, Tableau must be given a point as it is generally more favourable than Datorama. Because the latter is a high-level marketing analytics platform, not only in the price but also the value that the user is offered. “Such tools are not potatoes to choose from the counter by a kilo. If you need a proper marketing analytics platform, there is no point in taking a reporting tool, even if it’s cheaper, ”says Jõesaar.

How about using both?

So one of the other is not necessarily better or the opposite. Sometimes it is beneficial to have both. With Tableau and Datorama, this is possible. The integration of the two tools results in a single analysis of both business and marketing data. This allows the following:

  • Optimize the budget of marketing teams.
  • More effective business management.
  • Increase the commercial impact on customers.
  • Analyze opportunities in greater depth.
  • Create custom visualizations that reflect a complete picture of company performance. 

Ultimately, the choice between Tableau and Datorama depends on the specific needs of your business and the nature of the data you need to analyze. “If you focus mainly on marketing analytics, Datorama may be a better choice. While if you need to create interactive desktops and reports from different data sources, Tableau may be the right way,” Jõesaar sums up the nature of the tools.  So, unfortunately, there is no single magic wand, which would solve the concerns of every marketer at the same time, but tailor-made solutions can be quite close.

If it seems complicated to decide on your own after reading the article, it is worth contacting Leverup specialists. With our help, you will find a solution best suited for your company.

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