Meet the new Head of Sales at LeverUp: Driving Growth and Building Relationships

Author: Heidi Ojamaa

LeverUP Consulting is steadily expanding its team and business to different parts of Europe. The new addition to our team comes from the Salesforce London office. Welcome our new Head of Sales, Nikita Volosins, a former Salesforce Enterprise Account Executive for Marketing Cloud Intelligence (Datorama) in CEE & Austria. 

As the Head of Sales, Nikita is crucial in expanding LeverUp’s presence, establishing a talented sales team, and driving revenue growth. With a passion for working with people and an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional solutions, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team.

Passion is often the driving force behind successful careers, and this rings true for the new Head of Sales at LeverUp. Nikitas’s unwavering enthusiasm for working with people and a desire to make a meaningful impact led them to pursue a career in sales. With a strong belief in the power of Salesforce solutions to drive business success, he has eagerly embarked on a journey to help businesses thrive.

With a solid Business Development and Sales foundation from his time at Salesforce, Nikita has a strong understanding of Salesforce’s product portfolio and the broader ecosystem. This background equips him with valuable insights and expertise that contribute to their effectiveness in their current role.

With an extensive professional background, Nikita has achieved several notable accomplishments. He has pioneered roles in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) region, such as being the first designated Business Development Representative (BDR) and Account Executive (AE) for Marketing Intelligence. Their contributions have been recognized through numerous top-performer awards and have played a pivotal role in developing the Marketing Intelligence ecosystem in the CEE region.

 “LeverUp stands apart from competitors in the industry due to several key factors. The company’s rapid growth over the past two years showcases its strong market presence and trajectory. LeverUp has an impressive portfolio of clients, indicating its ability to deliver exceptional Salesforce solutions. Additionally, LeverUp’s technical team demonstrates remarkable expertise, positioning the company for further achievements in the ever-evolving technology landscape,” said Nikita. 

Outside work, our new Head of Sales at LeverUp embraces a vibrant and active lifestyle. As a keen traveller, he has volunteered in Indonesia with orangutans and has embarked on adventures in Antarctica. Their upcoming trip to South Africa is a testament to their curiosity about the world. Whether hiking, bouldering, table tennis, cycling, hitting the gym, or jogging, this individual prioritizes an active lifestyle that complements their dedication to professional excellence.


Nikita Volosins



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