LeverUP is now an MC Personalization Accredited Partner

Author: Heidi Ojamaa

LeverUP is the only Accredited Marketing Cloud Personalization (former Interaction Studio) Partner in the Baltics and in Croatia

LeverUP Consulting has expanded its service portfolio with Marketing Cloud (MC) Personalization (former Interaction Studio) becoming one of the very few officially accredited Salesforce Partners in Europe to lead MC Personalization implementations and help companies to further enhance their marketing programs. 

The new recognition is a result of the expertise and professional skills of LeverUP’s SFMC implementation team which is based in Croatia and serves companies worldwide.  

“With our extensive Marketing Cloud experience and our new certified MC Personalization partner status we will reshape how marketing processes are seen. Real time personalization at scale brought by MC Personalization in the Salesforce ecosystem will help us take your business to the next level,” says Daria Nemchonok, CEO and Salesforce Architect at LeverUP.

A powerful AI-driven tool

MC Personalization, previously known as Interaction Studio, is a powerful tool that helps you improve and personalize customer experience across numerous communication channels. With MC Personalization, you can identify specific customer affinities and behavior patterns from a pool of known as well as unknown individuals, build and maintain unique customer profiles, monitor their activity across various communication channels, capture important customer data and design truly personalized 1-to-1 campaigns that drive customer engagement.

AI-driven algorithms help automatically segment customers, recommend the ideal products to them, suggest next best actions, and improve their experience throughout the entire journey.

“MC Personalization is a next generation customer experience platform, one that not only collects and analyses data, but also acts in real-time. With Salesforce’s official recognition of our knowledge and expertise, I am now more confident in sharing one-to-one communication strategy with our clients to lead the implementation and deliver highly personalized campaigns,” says Nika Belamaric, Salesforce project manager at LeverUP

Insight into customer’s engagements

MC Personalization can help organizations get even more from Salesforce Marketing Cloud and increase personalization by combining new data points. It gives brands new insight into customer’s engagements across their brand and a deeper understanding of customers and prospects improves engagement rate, conversion rate, and customer loyalty.  

Brands using this powerful solution can deploy personalized website content, and deliver personalized emails, push notifications, in-app messages, and embedded experiences at the right time, when it’s most relevant for the customer, and create better customer experiences by using customer data.

With a total of 40+  Salesforce certifications and multiple challenging projects behind its belt, LeverUP Consulting is the most skilled and experienced consultancy  specializing in the marketing automation domain in the region. Sign up for a consultation

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