LeverUP rocked the stage at the biggest Marketing Conference in the Baltics

Author: Heidi Ojamaa

LeverUP rocks on the stage of the 24th edition of the Password conference with Salesforce in 🇪🇪 Tallinn. With over 400 enthusiastic marketing professionals in attendance, it was an thrilling event!

Password2023 panel: Vytautas Valantavičius, Daria Nemchonok, Renars Neimanis, Andrus Kiisküla. Photo by: Raul Mee.

Our CEO, Daria Nemchonok was joined on the stage by one of the largest leading telecommunications companies in the Baltic countries, BITE Group’s Head of E-channel Development Department Renars Neimanis, Marketing guru Andrus Kiisküla and Salesforce Baltics Lead Vytautas Valantavičius for an exciting discussion on customer journeys and the ever-evolving MarTech stack.

Key takeaways from the panel:
👉 Customer journey is becoming more sophisticated, but luckily marketers have a constantly evolving tool stack to work with and orchestrate the customer journey’s logic and gather data.
👉On average, marketers are dealing with 15 different data sources daily – the only way to make this data actionable is by unifying it.
👉AI-driven Personalization is the right way to keep customer satisfaction.
👉Before choosing the MarTech stack, look at your Data Architecture and take it from there.
👉 To make sure ROI for your MarTech investment in such platforms as Salesforce is achieved, you must analyze and improve your customer journey on the fly.
👉Having the right partner is the key to fulfilling your vision for your Company.

Nika Župan and Renars Neimanis. Photo by: Raul Mee.

At the conference, our Head of the MarTech Implementation team Nika Župan and BITĖ Group Head of E-channel Development Dep. Renars Neimanis, had a workshop about AI and the tools needed to deliver real-time personalized communication with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Personalization, how to put it to work for you with Einstein AI and Data Cloud.

Key takeaways:
👉 This combination will take unknown users and turn them into registered frequent customers
👉 Ensure a high customer satisfaction
👉 AI will do all the work for you!



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