How to ensure a high ROI on your Salesforce implementation?

Author: Jana Gaži

Adopting a Salesforce platform is not an expense but an investment from which every entrepreneur expects returns and value. But how can you ensure you get the maximum benefit from the new platform within the scheduled time frame? The answer: Managed Services! 

Every new solution comes with pain and effort, from finding the right software and communicating the change to training and coaching your people. Solving these challenges alone can take six to eight months before the software starts providing value for your business.

According to Josip Glasnovic, Head of LeverUP’s Managed Services, the involvement of an expert outside the company, i.e. managed services, guarantees a high ROI of the software investment.  

“With the managed services, the client gets one expert backed by more than 20 undisputed leaders in their field. Each of them has years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. It is almost impossible and costly to have this know-how in your own company.”  

Salesforce has a vast ecosystem 

Salesforce cloud solutions are amazingly flexible and agile. Each cloud has almost unlimited functionality built into the solution; even more can be added through the AppExchange, which has over 8,000 apps. So Salesforce can sometimes be unfathomable to the end user.

“It may seem as if the platform is just not good, but it can be that some of the functionalities are not implemented correctly, or the employees have not been taught how to use them. Here is where our dedicated Salesforce developers and architects come in. We have highly qualified people, knowledge, skills and previous experience to solve even the most complex problems. We grasp the big picture and can make the platform serve your business interests.”

What do managed services do?

One part of our job is to fix incorrect or half-done implementations. The other part is keeping existing systems up to date or getting the setup to the next level to meet elevated business requirements. In both cases, involving a managing partner makes sense and secures a good ROI. 

Due to our experience, we are fast in identifying and mapping issues. So it takes our experts very little time to see what is wrong with the system. As a rule, the case is either outdated implementation or insufficient end-user training combined with a lack of documentation, says Glasnovic. 

“We recently had a case where the client had a standard solution implemented but, as a result of such a standardized approach, the implementation didn’t match the initial business requirements. So we had to map customer requirements once again, identify areas of improvement, apply necessary customizations, create the correct documentation, install the necessary add-ons and update the system. The client got what they needed instead of the half-baked solution they had.”

LeverUP’s managed service trains end users and will continue to support them in the future. “We migrate data, improve user experience and we deliver optimal solutions for every client requirement. We set up campaigns, launch performance marketing, build customer journeys and much more. The client produces visuals and content, and we do the technical magic.”

How we work

We map the processes together with the client and review the implementation documents. If the documentation is missing, we roll up our sleeves and build the knowledge base ourselves.

Then we look at how the client uses the platform, and if it follows that some functionality is not working quite as it should, we will do everything in our power to fix it, even go to the source code.

“We do not take on freelancers for the sake of delivering a project, we always rely on the internal team of our employees, as we consider data security very important. We do our work as transparently and in the safest possible way.”

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