Does your Salesforce Marketing Cloud setup meet your needs? 

Author: Heidi Ojamaa

How to know if the implementation team has botched up your Salesforce Marketing Cloud (MC) setup, and is there a way to fix it? Is your marketing team not meeting their KPIs, although the system is working? LeverUPs Head of Managed Services, Josip Glasnovic, has all the answers.

“Whenever creating a single campaign takes a lot of time, or you are not getting what you need out of it, or it’s not delivering the results you hoped for, then it’s time for the Health Check,” says Josip. 

The Health Check for SFMC aims to identify areas where the platform could be improved to meet your business’s needs better. According to Josip, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a very potent tool. “By far the most powerful marketing automation tool on the market. So it has to perform well to live up to its name.”

By reviewing data integrity, campaigns and automations, integration with other systems, reporting and analytics, and best practices, the Health Check can help ensure your Marketing Cloud performs at its best.  

Who needs it?

“This is like asking who needs to get an annual check-up from the doctor,” Josip laughs. “I would say anyone who has SFMC implemented should get it checked every once in a while.”

The Health Check includes updating and fixing more minor errors on the go. Also, finding weaknesses in the setup and suggesting improvements. Every day systems get more intelligent, and new solutions emerge. You should keep your SFMC up-to-date in applying new features and up to the latest trends.  

“If you have an internal team working on the SFMC, they rarely follow what’s in the new release and the new practices. Our team has worked with dozens and dozens of different SFMC setups, and that knowledge is tough to obtain for an internal team,” says Josip. 

LeverUPs Head of Managed Services Josip Glasnovic

Occasionally the implementation has been done following best practices. Still, there hasn’t been any user adoption process, and the internal team working with SFMC lacks knowledge about the possibilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement.  

“We had a client who was almost manually preparing newsletters for different markets, meaning setting up a new version for each language instead of using the Global Template a

approach that allows dynamic personalization on the fly. We simplified the production of emails and created a custom user interface to generate their emails in several simple steps. Simplified segmentation, created a new data model, optimized it and trained internal team to use it,” that’s just an example of what we do in the Health Check.   

When will the results come in?

Depending on the scope, the Health Check can take 2-4 weeks. “During the process, there will not be any disruptions in the functionality of your SFMC instance, and we are not going to jump-start changing your current setup. If new features are implemented, we will ensure the smooth transition from legacy setup to new functionality, user adoption, and training.” 

What’s the benefit?

“Each company is unique, and so is every SFMC configuration. All data models are different, depending on the business requirements. Having an outsider, someone with experience with several different setups, taking a look at your SFMC can be very beneficial.”  

Some of the potential gains from a marketing cloud Health Check include a shorter campaign launch, fewer internal resources involved, the ability to utilize more data about customers for an enhanced personalization approach, ability to expand SFMC to new areas of business/product lines. 

“Creatively utilizing all SFMC capabilities of tracking and reporting, we will open the doors to establishing more precise KPIs for campaigns and journeys,” says Josip. 

Health Check for Marketing Cloud can help organizations maximize the value and effectiveness of their marketing efforts while ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards. Get in touch with us, and we can help you out

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