Industry-specific solutions and best practices


Orchestrate your supply chain, sales and service with ease. Take you field service to the next level, and build meaningful communication with customers and partners


Gain more patients and partners trust and innovate supply chain management while staying aligned with industry regulations

HiTech & Software

Empower your team with 360 degree overview, increase productivity, and energize your communication with customers


From wealth management to insurance, build long-term trust and deliver a frictionless, personalized digital experience


Connect the dots of recruitment, admission and learning processes, and empower your operations team to support the daily tasks on the fly


Reimagine the way utility contracts are managed, transform the way your sales team and contact center operates, and streamline field services delivery


Shape up profitability strategy with the help of enhanced analytics insights, and increase customer and partner retention through 360-degree, real-time view


Make it personal: build data-driven, connected customer experiences that deliver relevant information at the best time and through the best channel

Industry Enhancements


Supply Chain

Solutions for transparent supply chain management, efficient logistics and inventory


Contract Management

Solutions for contracts lifecycle management to empower your sales and operations team

Field Service

Solutions to prioritize and manage jobs, save employees time, and balance between in-person and virtual support


CPQ and Billing

Solutions for guided selling process, product management and quoting 

Success Communities

Partner and clients communities for self-service, communication, and knowledge sharing

Custom Apps

Industry-specific extensions of current functionality for frictionless employee and customer experience


Lifecycle Marketing

A set of B2B or B2C-specific integrated sales and marketing tools and practices

Demand Planning and Analytics

AI-based tools and analytics insights to support your decisions and growth

Custom Integrations

Solutions to build a safe and secure bridge with your external applications to bring all your data to work

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