Spring in the Baltic: Business meetings and a marketing conference

Author: Anamaria Habunek

We’re planning a series of activities that will happen before the end of March in the Nordic&Baltic region. Firstly, the meeting of Croatian and Estonian companies and secondly, participation in marketing conference in Tallinn.

As our 2022 began, we welcomed new colleagues and expanded our operations in Zagreb and northern Europe. Our business activities continue, however, as we take part in valuable Baltic events. In addition to exhibiting, we will participate in presentations, panel discussions, and interesting business meetings.

Business networking for Croatian and Estonian companies

The Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tallinn will host an economic meeting and B2B business talks between Croatian and Estonian companies as soon as next Monday (14 March 2022). The meeting will take place on the occasion of the official visit of Foreign Minister of Croatia Mr. Gordan Grlić Radman to Estonia, and a delegation of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce will participate in the talks.

Later on, we will visit the e-Estonia Briefing Center that is responsible for promoting digital services knowledge and expertise. With the aim of bringing the idea of e-Estonia government to other countries and helping them implement digitalisation initiatives, the aforementioned NGO e-Estonia Briefing Center was founded in 2009 to foster the idea of e-Estonia. LeverUP Consulting, which opened offices in the Baltic States, recognised this environment with its modern systems and professional support to be exceptionally suitable for the development of automated marketing, i.e. expanding business..

Password Conference

We will also participate in the leading marketing conference in Estonia at the end of March. The Password Conference in Tallinn, Estonia’s largest marketing conference, will feature discussions about trends and changes relevant to marketing professionals. With all the activities and important business meetings announced, we look forward to new contacts, business opportunities, and challenges!

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