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Author: Heidi Ojamaa

World’s no1 CRM platform Salesforce partner LeverUP introduced Salesforce marketing automation tools at the Password conference Next Big Thing in Tallinn organised by Best Marketing.  

Daria Nemchonok LeverUP Consulting
Daria Nemchonok, CEO at LeverUP Consulting

During our workshop Märt Jõesaar, Šimo Brtan and Daria Nemchonok  introduced Salesforce for Marketing set of tools: Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Interaction Studio as well as CRM and customer service functionality. We talked about how the implementation process starts at evaluating the company’s sales and customer management processes. And how we help to design the Salesforce platform to meet the needs of your company.  

Maert Joersaar LeverUP Consulting
Maert Joersaar, busines developement Nordic and Baltic at LeverUP Consulting

There is no point in starting to implement any major IT-solution yourself, it is worth involving a consultant who has done it before. They have the knowledge and best practices on how to achieve good results. More efficient sales, automated processes and better customer engagement all help increase revenue. Why not do it right from the start.

How to maintain good customer relationships?

We all want our social media to have content that sincerely interests us. We want the e-shop to remember your last order. No matter from which channel or device we access the service provider, be it an e-shop, a company website, a mobile phone or a computer, etc., we want our needs and wishes to be recognised. To receive information that is relevant to us and through channels that are important to us – be it Facebook, e-mail, sms or app.

We have all had the experienced when you have just bought a new television and then Facebook starts advertising them to you. It’s not nice!

How to collect and analyse user data and keep it relevant, up-to-date is a major challenge for businesses. Often, this data is collected in different channels, in different departments, and in incompatible software. This way, the marketing department does not receive the information that the customer managers or the sales department has, for example.


360-degree view of the customer

Then how do Amazon and Netflix know how to offer us a highly personal and unique user experience? With Salesforce!  

Salesforce calls this a 360-degree view of the customer, which gathers information about the history of the customer’s services, products, purchases, web visits, as well as social media channels. Salesforce analyses this data and predicts its future purchasing behaviour. This allows us to offer the customer a highly personal and unique user experience.

According to a recent PwC survey 86 percent of consumers are willing to pay more for a service or product if they receive good service. At the same time, 32 percent of people say they are leaving their favourite brand after the first bad customer experience.


Šimo Brtan LeverUP Consulting
Šimo Brtan, business development director at LeverUP Consulting

For more than 20 years, Password has been the place where the tops of Estonian marketing meet – both as performers and participants. This year’s Password focused on the trends shaping the marketing of the future – in business, technology, culture, lifestyle.

Photos by Raul Mee

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