.debug 2022: Successful conference and lots of new contacts

Author: Heidi Ojamaa

At the largest developer conference in the region, LeverUP Consulting educated and informed young talented experts about the benefits of the Salesforce ecosystem.

The .debug conference, dedicated to developers, which is held once a year at the end of spring in Zagreb, has become our permanent stop on our calendar. This year we have prepared a real summer stand, and our Daria and Lucija gave interesting lectures on what a career in the Salesforce ecosystem means. 

Full-house for Lucija

Lucija Sopić, Salesforce consultant at LeverUP Consulting, chose the .debug conference for her first public professional lecture. As the audience at the conference mostly consists of final year students and young developers, Lucija chose to introduce Salesforce ecosystem and the great career opportunities it offers. 

As the conference was better attended than last year, Lucija was greeted by a packed hall, so there were a few more reasons for nervousness, but after the first slide it didn’t matter anymore. Lucija spoke about her own experience on the Salesforce platform, how she got acquainted with the world’s leading CRM solution and how long it took to obtain her first Salesforce certification. 

Interesting fact: Lucija connected with LeverUP at the .debug conference, a year earlier! Shortly after the introduction, she joined the company as a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer and then took up the position of Salesforce Technical Consultant.

Presentation: From frontend to Salesforce

Salesforce ecosystem through the eyes of developers. How do you best direct your career? What attracted me to the Salesforce ecosystem? What kind of career does Salesforce offer and what does LeverUP Consulting offer?

Daria: First of all, what is Salesforce? 

Co-founder and CEO of LeverUP Consulting Daria Nemčonok is teaching at the .debug conference for the second year in a row. Her lecture this year was about the general introduction to the Salesforce platform, the most important solutions and technologies in the ecosystem of the world’s leading CRM solution. 

Presentation: May the (Sales) Force be with you

What is the Salesforce ecosystem? What customer problems and challenges does the Salesforce CRM platform solve? Why is Salesforce the leading global CRM with a much larger market share than the competition?

Career benefits in the Salesforce ecosystem

The .debug conference proved to be an excellent training ground for educating students and young professionals at the beginning of their careers about the benefits and opportunities offered by the Salesforce ecosystem. Namely, it seems that students of technical and economic studies in this part of the world are generally not well enough acquainted with the field of CRM solutions and the Salesforce platform. That is why LeverUP Consulting uses every opportunity to educate and inform about the Salesforce ecosystem. 

LeverUP Consulting

With a total of more than 40 Salesforce certifications and multiple concurrent challenging projects with clients across Europe and North America, LeverUP Consulting is a consulting firm with the most skills and experience in our region, specializing in marketing automation.

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