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9 typical mistakes made when implementing CRM

Deploying any new software is a painful process. Especially when it comes to software that needs to be deployed in multiple departments at

About Digital relationships with scientists

Today, in our Tallinn office, we had a discussion about digital relationships with scientists from the Centre for Applied Anthropology. We talked about

LeverUP Consulting and EFZG: Creating New Generations of Marketing Automation Experts

LeverUP Consulting and EFZG College teamed up this April so students can learn about practical applications of CRM solutions and marketing automation and
LeverUP na konferenciji Password: Velika premijera u Tallinnu

LeverUP @Password The Next Big Thing in Tallinn

World’s no1 CRM platform Salesforce partner LeverUP introduced Salesforce marketing automation tools at the Password conference Next Big Thing in Tallinn organised by

Connecting Adriatic and the Baltic Sea 

LeverUP accompanied the Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grlić Radman and the Chamber of Commerce on a visit to Tallinn to celebrate 30 years

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