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CDP: This is how the internet knows what you want to buy!

How to understand what a person is looking for on the Internet and what secret weapon can be used to make him feel

2023 trends in data and customer management

What are the trends and directions of Salesforce, the world’s leading customer and sales management software? What should companies consider this year, and

How to ensure a high ROI on your Salesforce implementation?

Adopting a Salesforce platform is not an expense but an investment from which every entrepreneur expects returns and value. But how can you

What is the best marketing analytics tool? 

One way to visualize the data is to keep it all nicely in Excel, export pies and tables that suit you, design them

Why do you need an implementation partner?

Do you know or want to fix a car yourself? Or make ice cream? It is wiser to turn to experts rather than

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