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Technology Expert: No IT system succeeds without a vision and executive input

Stjepan has been responsible for the implementation of client management software and platforms for a long time. He has worked with international companies …

How to ensure a high ROI on your Salesforce implementation?

Adopting a Salesforce platform is not an expense but an investment from which every entrepreneur expects returns and value. But how can you …

Why do you need an implementation partner?

Do you know or want to fix a car yourself? Or make ice cream? It is wiser to turn to experts rather than …

Salesforce is changing the face of NGOs  

It is hard not to notice people’s love for charity. Charity TV programs collect millions and millions of euros every year, and the …

LeverUP is now an MC Personalization Accredited Partner

LeverUP is the only Accredited Marketing Cloud Personalization (former Interaction Studio) Partner in the Baltics and in Croatia

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