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Spring in the Baltic: Business meetings and a marketing conference

We’re planning a series of activities that will happen before the end of March in the Nordic&Baltic region. Firstly, the meeting of Croatian …

LeverUP first in Tallinn: how to personalise digital relationships

LeverUP Consulting co-founder and Salesforce Marketing Cloud expert Daria Kulikova made her debut in Tallinn and spoke at a B2B seminar organized by …

Tallin, Estonia ((c) LeverUP - Pexels)

LeverUP Consulting: Baltic, here we come!

LeverUP Consulting has expanded its business to the far ends of Europe. We have offices in four European countries and two time zones. 

Trailblazer MeetUP 3: Apple’s new email privacy updates question the effectiveness of email marketing

New privacy policy: Users can now “hide” their email addresses – what about the implications on digital marketing?

LeverUP Consulting, a Salesforce partner, is bringing up to discussion new challenges in marketing automation. How so? A good part of users can …

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