Salesforce multi-cloud implementation for Interwetten

Author: Heidi Ojamaa

Salesforce solutions implemented by LeverUP help Interwetten gain a more detailed view of user behaviour on the web and in applications.

Client: Interwetten
Worlds no2 online online entertainment with a revenue of 2+ billion euros (2020) 

Interwetten was founded in 1990. It operates in the online entertainment branch, offering its customers sports betting, live betting, a casino, a live casino, and virtual games. They are pioneers of online entertainment. They have bets on more than 100,000 different sports events held in over 70 countries and customers from more than 100+ countries around the world. 

Salesforce solutions:

The implementation has started with Service Cloud, followed by Salesforce Marketing Cloud core functionality as well as Marketing Cloud Personalization (formerly known as Interaction Studio). The data and technology architecture solution enabled comprehensive understanding of customer profile and behavior patterns. 


  • Get 360 degree understanding of the customer, improve understanding of customer behavior online and connect it to marketing automation
  • Increase conversion rates of unknown users browsing the website 
  • Activate known registered users into paying customers


To increase conversion rate, LeverUP team has implemented MC Personalization engine that places personalized content to Interwetten website, adjusting it in real-time to customer actions and identified affinities. 

We have extended the functionality of MC Personalization engine through integration with other company resources to enrich data about known users with their behavioral data gathered on the website. That enables Interwetten to create personalized offers to users, create more targeted email campaigns, that personalize at the time of email open for each individual. 

To achieve the 360 degree understanding of a user, it is important to implement the consistent strategy of so-called data profile stitching that will help to recognize and connect together multiple profiles of the same user, therefore avoiding the pain of having duplicated data.

To improve the experience at every step of the customer journey, personalized content is being implemented across omni-channel communication strategy including email, and, moving forward, push notifications, and SMS. Einstein, an AI solution by Salesforce, after a certain learning curve, is able to identify the best content, channel, and time of the communication to be delivered to each user, therefore drastically increasing engagement rates.

“The first phase of the implementation project lasted three months, and  included launching the solution at the pilot market, for several predefined use cases and user segments.  The second, and more ambitious phase, will last about six months, and we expect to roll out MC Personalization engine on the majority of Interwetten domains as well as improve user experience through personalizing mobile app,” said LeverUP Salesforce consultant Nika Belamarić.

To make sure we thoroughly understand the company’s business model and have adjusted the implementation best practices to the industry-specific requirements we have conducted numerous workshops with at Interwetten and did our best to make sure every team member involved understands the value and purpose of the project.

Salesforce solutions help Interwetten gain a more detailed view of user behavior on the web and in applications. The company has created customer routes and is able to meet the interests of customers with real-time personalization.

Video: Paul Skerra, Interwetten


I remember how you told me at one of the first workshops that you don’t just want to hand over the car keys to the client, but you want to teach all users how to drive that car…

Paul Skerra. Marketing Project Manager at Interwetten, about LeverUP’s approach to implementing solutions

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