Video: Bringing personalised communication to the next level

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Author: Dora Sorić
Salesforce for Marketing

Salesforce and LeverUP experts are talking about how to leverage data to create best possible “Customer 360 view”.

According to the research conducted by Salesforce, it is most important for customers to feel as individuals (persons) rather than as “numbers”. However only 34 percent of them are treated by the organisations in this way. Due to the difficulty in reaching a unique customer profile, the digital automated marketing system needs to be adapted to new challenges in a hybrid environment.

Salesforce Customer 360

To create, but also to justify trust, it is necessary to provide the customer with superior user experience, which is possible with dynamic interaction in real time, i.e. with a quality complex data architecture. Creating a single platform for all interactions with the customer creates a data model that allows the so-called “Customer 360 view”. It was pointed out that such an approach enables the creation of a complete and unique customer image leading to personalised marketing communication.

The Salesforce Senior Account Executive for the Adriatic region Ivan Maričević and Daria Kulikova, CEO and co-founder of LeverUP Consulting, a registered Salesforce Partner, are speaking about how to maximise the increasing amount of data and how to build finest customer relationships, i.e. to bring personalised communication to the next level.

This video (conducted in Croatian language) was recorded during the online workshop organized by Salesforce and LeverUP in November 2021.