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Author: Dora Sorić
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Salesforce, the world’s leading cloud-based CRM solution, can thrive not only in multinational corporations, but also in SMB companies with five or fifteen employees…

Today companies do business based on digital processes. Digital (automated) marketing is one of the key tools of their success. Through quality and personalized marketing email campaigns can help businesses to achieve better individualized offer, increase sales in the process, and thus improve overall business performance.

But, how do you best set up tools for successful marketing automation? It can certainly achieve best results in combination with the CRM system. Only when these two platforms are combined does everything make sense because the data is then exchanged (used) efficiently.

Salesforce: A cloud-based CRM solution

Salesforce is a leading cloud CRM solution but it is also much more than that. It is a combination of a development platform and ready-to-use solutions for managing all aspects of business.

A long-known abbreviation CRM is being replaced more and more with a new term:  Customer 360. It means integration of solutions into a single unit for a complete “360 view” of business operations. Salesforce solutions are designed for seamless integration with each other from the very beginning, but they also provide extensive integration capabilities and they connect with other platforms.

Long-term customer relationship

CRM is an application or a software that provides clear administration and review of customer profiles. It is highly organized information about complete interaction with customers that enables you to offer products or services that they will likely want to buy at that time. The CRM approach attempts to analyse customer data and their interaction with the company to date, in order to improve business relationships, with an emphasis on customer retention, which ultimately brings increased sales.

Every company, even every beginner who at least uses an excel spreadsheet for tracking clients and has a need to share relevant news from time to time through one of the communication channels, is already on the path to CRM and marketing automation. This means that today one should not ask whether such solutions are needed, but what kind of solution would be optimal.

Growing popularity of Salesforce in startup companies

Until recently, most of us would believe that Salesforce was primarily suitable only for “big ones”, namely for multinational companies. But this trend is slowly changing. For example, the fastest growing startups have turned to Salesforce as it is a unique platform that can effectively track business growth due to the scalability of the solution.

On the contrary, the “old school” way of implementation introduces CRM solutions without a comprehensive approach to the planning of the overall enterprise architecture. Companies that have gone through this (old style) type of deployment are ready to take the next step and make the upgrade.

The best answer to that need is Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution which is currently the most advanced marketing automation platform in the world.

Half-solution traps

Many companies that already use Salesforce Sales and/or Service Cloud actually use a completely different marketing automation platform. In most cases that platform is not flexible and powerful enough to meet their business needs, and cannot be as seamlessly integrated with other Salesforce products as SFMC and Pardot can be.

LeverUP Consulting, a certified Salesforce partner with offices in Estonia and Croatia, are often invited to projects all over Europe by users that want to take existing Salesforce implementation to a new level to meet the needs of their business expansion.

As for the duration of implementation on existing IT and business environments, it can be long-lasting, but the trend is that the roll out should happen incrementally. This means that at some point the solution is already used in a simpler form while the next round of upgrades is in development. Thus, the implementation gradually passes into the maintenance phase.

The implementation time of course depends on the size of the client company, because there is a big difference between the implementation for one market with several dozen users and a multinational corporation with more than 10 thousand users.

LeverUP Consulting, a registered Salesforce consulting partner, is a growing and ambitious team of high performing and experienced CRM and marketing automation experts who turned to consultancy practice after decades of facing real-life business challenges in a variety of industries.

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